#1 Miami Roofing Contractors

We didn’t choose the name #1 Miami Roofing Contractors for nothing. We pride ourselves in being the fastest, most reliable, and MOST AFFORDABLE roofing company in all of Florida! Our team of roofers are the most professional in the business and we worked our behind’s off since 2009 to be able to call ourselves #1!

Why Are We #1?

Well for one, our entire staff of roofing contractors were born and raised right here in the beautiful state of Florida and about 99% of them have been with us from the start. That means they have learned how to work with each other more efficiently than any other crew around. But don’t let the fact that we get along great with each other fool you into thinking we won’t get the job done. Our guys love what they do and every member of our team wants this company to go nation wide! We all have the same goals in mind and it won’t be possible unless we are providing the service and performing the work that we are promising right now.

If you think you are need of any of our services, we will send out a member of our team at absolutely no cost to you to give you a handwritten evaluation on what we think would be the best way to go with your best interests in mind.

Here are just a couple of the services we provide our estimates for:

  • Roof Installations – Our roofing supply and inventory is always stocked with the latest and greatest products that money can buy. If you want to strengthen the protection of your home, GAF roofing shingles might be the way for you to go, as they offer some of the toughest and most durable materials out there. Want to make your home stand out and look like the most modern home on the block? Owen’s Corning will give you some of the sleekest designs you can find with built in added protection! These are just a couple of the brands that we stand by, for a fuller list and some more products that are only a phone call away you can check out another one of our affiliates over at roofing companies in St Charles county Mo. Just like the gutter guards and siding products we mentioned, if you see something you like let us know!
  • Roof Repairs – Whether you have a single shingle that is starting to peel away or an entire foundation that is leaking all over your home, we have the supply and the roofers to patch it right back up and leave your home with a brand new looking roof!
These are just a few of the products and services we offer here at #1 Miami Roofing Contractors so get in contact with us today for your free estimate or to hear more about what we do!